Wine and Cheese Party

My work had a wine and cheese tasting event yesterday and I have never been to one before. It was so amazing and I learned so much about the different kinds of wine. They taught us that you don't have to spend a lot on a wine for it to taste good. They covered the bottles with paper bags and we did a blind tasting.

There were two ladies, Michelle Bouffard and Michaela Morris that hosted the event from They were so lovely and they had a lot of useful information. Even the expert wine tasters learned some new things.

From what I can remember the party was excellent but I AM NEVER DRINKING AGAIN!!!.. hehehe.. I was so sick this morning that I never wanted to hear about alcohol ever again. I had a really good time and I recommend either hosting your own wine and cheese party if you cant afford to hire hosts or if you have lots of dough look up your local wine connoisseur and book them the next time you have a special occasion.

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