Ashlee Simpson getting married?

Are Pete and Ashlee Tying the Knot?

Pete Wentz, 28 and Ashlee Simpson, 23 are in fact tying the knot. They announced it to their fans on

Well I wish them well but is she pregnant???

There has been speculation since last February that she was pregnant when she was seen with a giant diamond on her finger. But at that time they just said it was a promise ring and the pregnancy rumors were false. They always say that at first and then you come to find out that they are pregnant and getting married shortly afterwards. Everyone first thought that Ashlee was pregnant when they announced that they were making something that couldn't be illegally downloaded :a baby.

She has also had a lot of controversy surrounding her lately on a radio appearance where she was supposedly drunk as a skunk because she couldn't remember the words to a song of hers. But honestly when you are doing that much press all the time and hardly sleeping I can under stand why you might stumble on your words a little.

The couple has been together since 2006 so congrats to them and hopefully they make it past a year. In Hollywood that is forever.

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