Poor little Mischa mooshy gooshy


Mischa Barton Got Probation

Mischa Barton Smoking While Driving

Little miss priss Mischa Barton got 3 years probation today for driving drunk and taking up both lanes of traffic on a highway.

She got busted for possession of pot too. Oh jeez. ..

Next time she will learn to hide it a bit better I guess.

She is forced to go to alcohol abuse classes and her pot charges were dropped cause she was a first time offender.

I don't understand why people get away with drinking and driving. Why can't she get driver to come in her million dollar car and pick her up or get a limo??... or.. do do do...a taxi.

I hope she learns her lesson this time and doesn't get caught smoking weed and driving again.

Don't "stars" understand that we see everything and they can't deny things just like Paris Hilton when she said on Larry King that she has never did any drugs but she has been videotaped and there's pictures of her doing drugs.

If you are going to do drugs DO THEM IN YOUR HOME LIKE AMY WINEHOUSE!!!!

 Mischa Barton Caught Smoking Weed



 Paris Hilton Smoking A Pipe

Paris Hilton Smoking Weed

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