VMA's Review


Did everyone watch the VMA's last night?  I am sure that not everyone is as big of fan of Britney Spears as I am, but did you all enjoy the show?

I thought that they seemed a bit desperate for performers considering that Rihanna sang twice and so did Lil Wayne.  I mean they both did a good job except Lil Wayne could have pulled up his pants.

Not everyone wants to see his sh*t stained underwear.

Rihanna sang "Disturbia" and her vocals weren't really that great and then she sang again with T.I. and sang the new song "Live ya Life" and I thought they both did a good job and she looked really hot.

I thought that Leona Lewis singing with Lil Wayne was really a strange mix too but maybe that was just me.

Kid Rock did a good job too as well as Christina Aguilera.  I know that she gave birth like 8 months ago but she looked a little thick in the mid section.  I realize that I'm not that skinny but I am not singing on the VMA's with a tight body suit on.  She should have picked something a bit more flattering on her.

I thought that Pink gave the best performance.  She sang her new song "So What." She even broke a rib during rehearsal the day before and she still did the whole "Tarzan" thing and slid down a rope and was blowing up buildings and everything.  She looked really hot when she took off that blue robe and her nipples would have shown if they weren't covered up with what looked like electrical tape.

Paris Hilton screwed up presenting when she was looking into the wrong camera.  

Kanye West also performed and I hated his new song "Love Lock down."  Although the lights and everything was entertaining to watch, the song sucked.

It does seem as if the show was for Britney which was awesome for me but probably not for most people.

They should start giving out more awards too because the show was a bit boring.  I wanted some drama and lots of different websites and commercials kept saying that there was going to be a "BIG Surprise."

There was no surprise.

I thought perhaps Britney would perform even though her manager said she wouldn't or Katy Perry would kiss Lindsay Lohan or something.  But nothing like that happened.  The biggest risky thing they did was having Miley Cyrus in the Limo with Katy Perry because Katy said she would like to make out with Miley.

Overall the show kind of sucked except for Britney.  She looked just awesome.  So proud of her..  She was a bit nervous but that is what made it so cute too.

I really thought that Russell Brand did a good job too.  He sure can talk fast.  I thought he was really funny although he seemed a bit like he was on speed or something.  Maybe that is how he talks normally?

Overall I think that they could have done a way better job this year and it was probably the most boring award shows I have ever seen besides like.. the Juno's or something like that.

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