Mr. Jackon and Ms. Anderson doing it?

The Perfect Love Match

This is totally bizzare!

Michael Jackson and Pamela Anderson are apparently interested in bumping each others uglies. 


How could anyone be attracted to MJ?  Totally sick. 

Maybe Pam's interested in taking Mike's nose off and doing a porn about it or something.

MJ who is 50 and Pam, 41 have been on two dates recently.  The first date was at Shutters Hotel and they arrived separately so no one would see them together ( I wouldn't want to be scene with him either).  They had a few drinks at the back of the bar so that they could have their privacy.

Their second date was at the Country Mart in Malibu to have a coffee together. 

Doesn't she have kids??  Isn't she scared that while she is sleeping Papa Jackson will crawl into bed with them and "kiss" them goodnight?

Sure MJ was popular way back when but now there are much better artists like Usher, Chris Brown and many others that try and sound just like he did so why do we keep coming back to him? He hasn't had a good song for years.  I guess Pam thinks that they will make sweet music together in the sack. 

Who knows with her. 

She does drink lots of champagne so maybe she's drunk all the time and she has her beer goggles on and thinks he's hot or something.

Hey.. He likes monkeys and she loves animals so maybe they can be animal lovers together.

This whole thing really disturbs me and Kid Rock and Tommy Lee are probably laughing until they piss their pants about it somewhere. 

I never thought there would be worse than those two. 

Boy.. was I ever wrong.



  1. That one with MJ with the breasts is disturbing. Apparently MJ's new CD will feature Usher and some of the artists that try to sound like MJ.

    I bet it's not even a relationship past friends, they probably just talk animal cruelty or something. However, ugly babies they would make.

  2. I think its really disturbing too.. hehehe:)

  3. what is she thinking? shes to pretty to be with him a child molester.

  4. I would rather see shaven monkeys with gangrene doing it than these 2. They're GROSSSSSSSSSSSS