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Weekend Wedding

Sorry I haven't been posting folks.  My boyfriend and I had recently broke up and I was in the wedding party for my friends wedding on Friday.  The gift opening was on Saturday and I went shopping today with my niece Stephanie Kay.  I bought a black skirt and a white blouse today and some awesome leopard high heels.  Shopping makes me feel a little better about being single.. hehe

The wedding that I went to this weekend was so much fun!  I thought I would share pictures of it.  I don't have many since I didn't take my own camera.  They had a bird cage that we could all dance in and they gave out favors that were sketched by hand with the bride and grooms initials on them that my friend did herself.  The food was really great and the desserts were to die for.

They had a chocolate fountain as well. MMMMM

Everyone seemed like they had a lot of fun.  There was this one girl that was pretty drunk and made of fool out of herself by hitting on everyone.

She even hit on my mom.. Hehehe..

But it was hilarious to watch. She must have fell down dancing like 10 times and I must have saw her butt cheeks 2 or 3 times as well when she kept hiking up her skirt.  She was a mess but a funny mess.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and it is so hard.  Its hard breaking up and feeling like you failed you know.  But we are staying friends for sure because I have known him since we were 13.

I am getting back on my feet and I intend on getting my life back in order so I can blog like crazy :)

Everyone has been through a break up of some kind and it takes a while to get back yourself without thinking so much about what the other one is doing.  Its something to get use to but I think it will be better for us.

If any of you are going through some hard times feel free to email me at lesliestar@lesliestar.ca or post a comment.

Thanks for coming to my site.  I really appreciate it!!

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  1. hey les, you look very pretty from the pictures of nicoles wedding. tell nicole i said hello and conrats. im glad you had a good time at the wedding. talk to you later bye bye i love you .