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I have always really loved writing poetry and songs ever since I was a little girl.

I have books and books of poems and songs that aren't organized so I thought if I were to write them all on my blog, that people would maybe enjoy them instead of just sitting in messy books on my messy shelf.

I have most of them written on paper, but the others are on napkins or anything else I could find at the time.

I will try and make an beautifully organized book to showcase them all, but I'm not very crafty :)

I hope that they will cheer you up!

Do you ever feel like the world is against you

And nothing is going your way?

All you want to do is scream in a pillow

Or go far, far away?

Does it help to know that you are not the only

One who feels like this?

When all you want is to be rescued

Or given a hug or a kiss.

Today is the day to remember

Not to sweat the small stuff

And don't get your spirits down

Just cause these moments are rough

Brush it off cause life's too short

Tomorrow is a new day

Always try and think positive

And life will start going your way

Those who make you unhappy

Are not truly your friends

Those who really love you

Will be there till the bitter end.

Written By Leslie Star on Sept. 3. 2008.


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  1. that is really good. i didnt know i had such a talented cousih.