Kelly Osbourne engaged?

Kelly Osboune - A Wifey?

Kelly Osbourne has recently been spotted with a huge diamond rock on her left hand.  Well of course that means that she is possibly getting married.  She is 23-years-old and she has been dating and 18-year-old model named Luke Worrall for 4 months or so.

They were having a romantic evening in London when she began flashing her ring to paparazzi.  They were at a Japanese restaurant called Nobu in London's exclusive Mayfair district.  She has been denying the fact that she is getting married. 

Her spokesperson has said that she got her ring from her father Ozzy as a present.

I think it's all for press.  If your a star you must know that if you wear a ring on your left hand that everyone is going to speculate that your engaged so she must be wearing it to get attention if she isn't going to get married.

I can't really see her getting married because she seems so dark still and it seems as if she is still a party girl at heart.

But if she is, I wish them all the best because marriage is going to be one rough road but especially rocky in Hollywood.


  1. The ring she’s got on in this picture is a scrabble letter. It's almost cool enough that I wish I thought of it. I would like to see someone wear a Jenga block necklace. Not nearly enough board game piece jewelry around these days.