Sharon Stone lost custody of her kid

She's Crazy Anyways

Sharon Stone has lost custody of her 8 year old son RoanHer ex-husband, Phil Bronstein lives in San Francisco and so does Roan. 

I guess Sharon wanted him to move and go to a different school but the Superior Court judge found that it wouldnt be in the boys best interest so in order for Sharon to still have custody of her child she would have to move to San Francisco.

Sharon still will have access to Roan and her number will be programmed into her son's home phone.

Bronstein who is 57 and Stone who is 50 married each other in 1998 and they adopted Roan and they divorced in 2004.

Bronstein filed for joint custody right after the divorce.  In October of 2004 the court stated that Stone and Bronstein would share legal and physical custody of their child.

That's what she gets for showing her crotch to the whole world in "Basic Instinct."

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