The New 90210 Review

Leslie Star's Review on the New 90210

I am a solid 90210 fan and I have probably watched all the episodes.  I once bought the Brian Austin Green CD just for his picture inside.. Oh, it was a bad CD but I worshiped that picture.

I watched the new 90210 tonight and it seems like it will be a good show.  It is a bit cheesy and I don't believe for one second that any of these kids are the age that they pretend to be on the show, but other than that everyone seems to have good chemistry and pretty good acting so far.

I understand who the characters bye the very good writing in the show and I understand who the characters are but their names are still a little rough but I know this much...

  • Annie Mills (Shenae Grimes) (the main character) is the daughter of the principal of the school, Harry Mills.

  • Harry is married to Deborah (a photographer) and they also adopted a teenage son named Dixon Mills (Tristan Wild) who is African American that spent some time in foster care.  Him and his sister are both 16.

  • Naomi Clark (AnnaLynne McCord) (the rich girl that has blonde hair who had the birthday party) that is dating Ethan Ward.  After she caught Ethan cheating they broke up and she started making out with this guy named George.

  • Adriana ( who is in the girls band with the short brunette bob that has the drug problem).

  • Ethan Ward (Dustin Milligan) is Naomi's boyfriend who is cheating on her.  Ethan also met Annie a couple years ago.  I think he still has a thing for her.

  • Ryan Matthews (Ryan Eggold) is one of the teachers.  He also likes Kelly Tayler.

  • Kelly Tayler (Jennie Garth) plays the schools guidance counselor

  • Brenda Walsh (Shannon Doherty) is Kellie Tayler's friend.

  • Tabitha Mills (Jessica Walter) plays the Wilson's family matriarch (Annie and Dixon's grandma)

  • Navid (Michael Steger) is like the new Andrea Zuckerman.  Hes the schools journalist and his dad is a pornography director.

  • Erin Silver  who only responds when you call her 'Silver' (Jessica Stroup) is also Annie's friend.  She is a blogger that gets half a million views a day and she gossips about the high school kids.  Kelly Tayler is also her half sister and David Silver (Brian Austin Green) is her half brother.

  • Nat (Joe E. Tata)is the owner of The Peach Pit and I am so excited that they used that restaurant in the new show so the new characters can go and make new memories there.

I can see myself waiting until I get off work on Tuesday to go home and watch the show.  The fashion could use a bit of a pick me up for kids that live in Beverly Hills but then again it is the first show.

I like how they play up to date music in the show as well.  I also like how they used the old 90210 theme song but they just jazzed it up a bit.  It makes me feel like the old cast and the new cast do connect.

I think that the sex talk is a bit much for a teenage show but for me I think it's damn funny.

The plot of the show was really good too.  I am actually surprised how much I like it so far.

Please let this be one of my new favorite shows cause I am sick of all the rest.

The New 90210 Cast

The Old 90210 Cast


  1. Hey there, good review on 90210. I thought it was well done too. I have a correction for you if you're interested. You wrote that both Dixon and Annie are 16. Annie is 15, she said it in that first episode. I am willing to bet that there's going to be an episode focused around her 16th birthday later this year :) Chow.

  2. Thank you so much for the correction. It was a good episode wasn't it! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi there! OMG, 90210 is also my favorite show! Your review was great and I completely agree with the 'sex' talk(A little too much)! I watch more of the show now then when it premiered. I wish there was just more scenes with the parents to make it seem more realistic and relatable! They seem too grown up for me! I love how the characters are evolving into their own now in the past seasons! It's great to see this whole new cast take ground and build a fan-base around THEIR show. I must say, how different it would be if Ethan Ward was still in the show! They kind of just wrote him off which really upset me! Anyways! I can't wait to see where they take off in the next couple of years! Hopefully, Annie, Dixon, Silver, Navid, (ETHAN!!! if they bring him back!), Naomi, Adrianna, Liam, Teddy, and Ivy stay close!!!!