Poem of the Day

Angry Poem

I had a happy poem yesterday so I thought I would switch it up a bit.

When you talk to me like I'm an idiot

You make me feel like shit

What do you expect after only a year

That I am going to put up with it?

No more sneaking around on me

No more lying to my face

I sometimes see your eyes wander

And just know that cheating is the case

It turns out it was

My world came crashing down upon my broken heart

You said it happened so fast and you didn't have fun

You were suppose to be my best friend

Till the end,

But now were done

No more tears, they have all dried up

But I still think of you

Holding my heart in your hands

There is nothing else left to do

I will never be the same now that you slept with my friend

I was such a fool to think

That both of you were so true

And now I am the one that got screwed in the end .. FUCK YOU!

Written by Leslie Star on May 24th 2004

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