Diary for Monday

My Dress Nightmare Came True

How was everyone's night last night?  Mine was good.  I mostly watched T.V and surfed the net for a bit.  I cleaned up my room and played with my puppy.  I watched Intervention too.  It was all about past guests coming back and showing everyone that they were still sober.  They only have 5 guests on which wasnt very many and I wanted to see the really messed up ones damn it. 

I was upset yesterday though because I brought my bridesmaids dress to the tailor about 3 weeks ago and told them it was to be ready for last Friday.  When they didn't phone me on Friday to tell me the dress was ready I thought I would give them till Monday and I could pick it up then. 

I went back on Monday and the stupid lady said that it was still not ready and that I should come back in 2 hours and it would be done then. 

I was so mad..

I went back in an hour and a half and I tried the dress on.  Keep in mind that this cost me $120 to get done on top of paying $250 for the dress, $40 for the purse, $70 for the shoes and it's going to be $65 to get my hair done

I tried it on and it was still too big and the hemming she did on the bottom was totally crooked and the top part of the dress was now totally screwed up.  I was so angry at her and she said she still had to fix it and come back in 2 hours and it would be done. 

I told her not to touch the hem because I didn't want her to make it too short and then I would be screwed.  (I told her the dress was for that night for the rehearsal dinner but the wedding is actually this Friday because I wanted to make sure it was going to give me enough time just in case she messed it up.. WHICH SHE DID, BIG TIME!!)

I came back in two hours and I totally gave it to her.  I was so upset and told her where to shove it and told her I was not happy and she just didn't care. 

I wanted to shove a sewing machine up her ass!!!

Anyways.. I hope you all had a great Monday and stay tuned for pictures from the wedding this Friday, Sept 12th.


Leslie Star

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