Clay Aiken came out of his closet

Clay Aiken Is Gay & A New Daddy

Did you ever wonder if Clay Aiken was gay? 

Of course you did..

He has come out in the October issue of People magazine.  I get so excited when homosexual people come out and tell everyone the truth.

It's not like everyone hasn't known for years that you were gay.. It would be so much better if they would just come out with it right away.  There is nothing wrong with being gay.  Be proud of yourself for whatever you are!

Keep your head high Clay because I am sure that the media will be hounding you for a while about that.

His son, Parker Foster Aiken looks so precious.  So small and cute. 

Good for you Clay and Congrats on being ok with who you are and standing up for what you believe in.  More people should be like you!!


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