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I'm Just Crazy About Poems

I have been meaning to type out the poems that I wrote a long time ago but I keep coming up with new ones.

I just keep getting new ideas so I thought I would share them with you.

You should send me some that you guys have written too.

That would be the ULTIMATE!!!

Just post them in the comment section or write me an email to: lesliestar@lesliestar.ca

My heart is crumbling in your hands

Why can't you catch it fast enough?

How did we ever end up here?

You always act like your so tough

Can't we rewind all this

And go back to the way it use to be?

Back to the way were before

When we were together but still felt free

I don't want us to act this way

We are suppose to love one another

And now I question myself.. Was it all a lie?

Did we really love each other?

I can't ever catch my breath

Or rest my broken heart

I wish I would have known what I know now

Right from the the very start

Does it have to happen like this?

Can't we still be friends?

I've been sad since the moment this started

Now I can't control how it ends.

Written By Leslie Star on Sept 8 2008

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