Selena Gomez's New Song

Selena Gomez - Tell Me Something

I personally think that this song is so annoying but maybe for young teens it is a good song.

It just seems like she can't sing and it is really repetitive.  I think she is a really pretty young girl but the music video is really boring and she's just wearing a stupid maids outfit and then a black and white outfit with a crooked tie.

Whats with the tie by the way?  Is that her way of being edgy?

Not sure what that is suppose to be.  Also when she is wearing the black and white stripped jacket and colorful words are flying around her it is copying No Doubt's hey baby video.  She should be changing outfits or her hair or something but not enough stuff is going on.

She's like an Avril Lavigne dancer too.  She can't dance but they make the moves so simple that anyone can almost do it.  I just think she could have come up with something better.

I still like Miley Cyrus the best out of the Teen Disney Skanks.  At least her songs are good and she's controversial and not so cookie cutter.

What do you think about her new song called "Tell Me Something" ??


  1. I can't believe I missed the "who do you hate the most" poll. What a shame that is! Ahh you'll have to redo that one someday! I'm going to vote for Britney Spears out of your list just because she gets to much attention for doing very little.