Things To Do When Your Bored

Are you bored?

I find that I get bored really easily with everything.. So I am always looking up things to do when your bored on Google so I decided to make my own top 20 list..

1.  Go Shopping.  It really depends if you have a lot of cash flow or not let's say you do... Shopping can take up the whole day if you go with your friends and eat at the food court and everything.

2.  Go to a part of the city that you have never been before and google it before you go and see what there is to do there.  You could always just pack a light lunch and get in your car and drive somewhere you've never been before and don't prepare at all.  It's always exciting with the possibility of you getting lost.. You have GPS though right? 

3.  Get a new hobby.  Check out your local community centers or places around your house that offer free or really cheap hobby events.  Perhaps there will be something very interesting that you never thought of before.  Who knows.. You may be awesome at it.

4.  Play solitare or some sort of card game.  It takes up a lot of time and it's fun to play and it wastes a fair bit of time

5.  Read a novel or a "How To Do It" book that you recently found interesting.  Spend a couple hours in your nearest Chapters with a Starbucks and get cozy on one of their chairs and look up stuff that you have been meaning to for a while.  You always want to learn new things.. right?

6.  Go to a movie with your friends/family member.  There is usually a movie out that you want to see.  It is expensive to go to a movie these days if you want to get popcorn and everything but grab a bite before you head in.

7.  Go to a concert or play with your friends or alone if you really want to get into it.  Plays are usually inexpensive and that will kill a couple of hours.  Plus you get to dress up.

8.  Pack a picnic depending on how cold it is and set out to a park you've never been before.  Don't forget a sheet so you don't get grass stains.

9.  Write a letter or phone a relative that you haven't talked to in a while.  They usually talk about anything and everything and talk your ear off.   Wait... you want fun things to do.. that's right :)

10.  Listen to your favorite CD, watch your favorite movie or TV.   TV can be a great babysitter, even for adults.. :p

11.  Exercise!  If you have a pet that likes to go for a walk, pack your mp3 player and some doggie poop bags and your set for a while.  Go to the community gym or go swimming.

12.  Catch up on some chores.. ???  Come on I'm trying to think of things..

13.  Organize your paper work.  I know that I am not the only one in the world that piles it up in that dreaded drawer.. do do do..

14.  Start pulling out clothes from your closet that either don't fit you or are ugly and you don't know why you bought them in the first place.  Give them to charity.

15.  Make a Youtube video with a web cam.   Web cams are generally not expensive so stop off at an office store and pick one up.  Make a video of you being bored.. :)

16.  Make some crafts.  You must have some arts and crafts at home.  If you don't then go to your nearest dollar store and pick some up.  You can even make crafts with your friends.  If you add some alcohol in the mix then you are going to have a great and messy time.

17.  Do something nice for your significant other.  Plan something great for them that requires a lot of thought.  Not only will it cure your boredom but it will make you some brownie points.

18.  Get your friends together for a party.  Last minute parties are usally the best.  Buy some appetizers and lots of booze.  Make up some fun games to play and listen to great music.  Put on a great movie in the background too on mute for something to watch when you start to slur ;)

19.  Go on Facebook for a while.  I betcha I could waste all day playing those games and uploading pics.

20.  Surf the net.  Nothing in my life takes up more time then that.  I can't pull myself away from the computer sometimes.

I hope my ideas helped your boredom and if you have any more suggestions please leave a comment or email Me.

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