Worst Women Celeb Fashion Victims 2009

These 10 famous women made it to the top of ....

"Leslie Star's Fashion Victims of 2009"


10 Tyra Banks- I'm sorry Tyra.. I know that you are a great role model for women to try to improve their self confidence, but I think you may have too much confidence.  Just because you are Tyra Banks does not mean that you can leave the house looking like you do.  Most of the time on "The Tyra Banks Show" you look a lot heavier than you are... Also you look better with less makeup.  In HD you can definitely see that it's piled on.   You are a beautiful woman so please get a new stylist.  Sometimes you teeter on looking like a drag queen too.. Keep the makeup to a minimum and if you do dress up don't make it so grand looking otherwise you look like a drag that is impersonating you.

Tyra Banks

9. Lindsay Lohan- The reason she isn't in the top five is because I think she gets her fashion right sometimes.  Perhaps her fashion isn't like others and she is kind of a head in fashion like Mary-Kate and Ashley or Lady Gaga.  Lindsay mixes and matches kind of weird.. But when Lindsay wants to look good she can look good and she tries.  She has had some major fashion mishaps as well and that is why she is on my bad fashion list of 2009. Lindsay.. If you are reading this.. please stop using the self tanner on yourself and your face.  You always look so dirrrrty.  Also stop taking Adderall cause it's making you look like your 170 years old..

Lindsay Lohan

8. Kristen Stewart - I know you are a huge star right now so you think you don't really have to try very hard.. BUT COME ON AND PLEASE TAKE A SHOWER ONCE AND A WHILE!!!  Your outfits are less than impressive.  Take note from your friend Dakota Fanning.  I know your are Tom Boy and your kinda grungy too but do it with a touch of girl sometimes.  Again.. Please wash your hair!  Same goes for you R. Pattinson!

7. Mischa Barton - You just got out of rehab and you are having a tough time and the last thing you want to see is your name on Leslie Star's Top Ten List of Worst Fashion of the Year but come on.. It's not the 70's anymore.. and even if it were your 70s fashion sense sucks.  I think you are a beautiful girl when you aren't cranked on something and I love the accent.  Get a new stylist or calm down your fashion a little and just have your special key pieces that you love to wear.


6. Jessica Simpson - I love her personally.. However loving her and loving her fashion sense is quite different.  She always looks like a train wreck from her neck down to her toes but her hair always looks beautiful.  She needs a new stylist or someone to tell her that the way she dresses doesn't go together.  Just because others can pull it off doesn't mean she can.  She looks like a bad dressed porn star half the time and the other half she looks frumpy and dumpy.

Jessica Simpson Frumpy

5. Tara Reid - I am sure that she has topped many fashion gone wrong lists, however she is number 5 on mine.  She always looks greasy (pre-rehab days) and always looks like she is headed for the beach or to a slut party.  She rarely looks classy.. Actually I have to correct myself there because I don't think I have witnessed her ever looking classy.  I am proud of her for getting her life back in order.  Go Tara!  Go Tara! Go Tara Go!!

Trashy Tara Reid

4. Pamela Anderson - Doesn't she know it isn't acceptable to leave the house without pants or without washing your makeup off from the night before or not combing your hair...??  Pamela Anderson commits these crimes often.  I am pretty sure that she still thinks she is the hottest sh_t on earth..  She looks like she is always drunk or on something.. This girl needs a makeover .. and fast!

3. Britney Spears -This is the year that she was suppose to come back and be brill ant! :( I have to tell you that I use to love Ms. Spears.  Ever since I attended her Circus tour and it disappointed me so much, I have drifted apart from her being my idol as sad as that once was.  I wasn't shocked about the lip syncing part, but she could have at least danced a little harder.. Anyways.. Back to her fashion.  It looks like she just stepped out of the trailer park doors all the time.  She is a multi-millionaire and she looks like she was dumpster diving for her wardrobe.. PS... chop off those ugly ass greasy extensions why don't you.  So gross and repulsive.  She would look so much better with a short bob or something.  If you don't want short hair then wear real hair wigs for Christ sakes.. You always look good in your videos with wigs so get the hint already.   Your assistant looks richer than you...

Britney Spears bad weave

2.  Courtney Love -  It is probably a given that she shows up on my fashion victim's list of 2009.  She has been a drugged up mess since the early 90's except for a couple months there where she was "sober" for awhile when she was acting in a few films.  She has had so much plastic surgery that her face looks like someone ran over it with a truck and they had to rearrange it.  Her fashion looks like she is a poor gypsy mixed with a lot of crazy.  I feel really sorry for Francis Bean now that she had to put a restraining order against her own mother.  COURTNEY..... Get your sh*t together and get over the fact that your husband killed himself.. or that you killed him.. I still can't figure out what happened there..

1.  Amy Winehouse - Are you surprised... Really?  Amy Winehouse has been a mess for a number of years but this year and last year had to be the worst.  When she was in St. Lucia to get "clean" it seems like she never took a bath with that 'fro of hers.  She always looks so frickin' filthy.. Her finger nails are always full of dirt which has a lot to do with the good ol' crack smoke.  Her Beehive, and I used a capital "B" because it definitely has a mind of it's own, is always so ratty and gross.. GET RID OF YOUR BALLET FLATS!!!!  Amy needs clothes that are much classier than herself to make her look classier.  She needs shirts that also do up so she can not show off her terrible boob job.  I liked her style before the crack attack came but now her style is more wacky and tacky then classy.  Come back Amy cause you are so talented!!!!!


  1. I like Stewarts Dirty/Wet hair look. However her rolled up jeans are fugly

  2. That disheveled hair and last night's make-up look that Pamela likes to have I think represents "Hi, I'm a party chick and all i do is drink and 'eff' so I don't get much sleep...oh, yeah, and I have Hep C" :)

  3. Oh my gosh Nicole! Your the best! Thanks for commenting on Leslie Star :)