A bit about my day

Today was a long day.  It seemed like the hours dragged on forever.  I was at work till 5:30 which was awful in itself.  I love my job don't get me wrong, but sometimes the time just passes so slowly.  I think that happens at every job you work at.

I went to the mall on my lunch break and tried to find the game "Fear" at EB Games but no success.  Apparently it has been discontinued..  I just bought a Play Station 3 and I can't tell you how much I love it.  I have Wii, Super Nintendo, Nintendo and a DS Lite too  but nothing compares to the graphics and the power of the PS3.

The games seem to be a little hard core if a prissy girl were to play it because of all the blood in most of the games but I personally enjoy all that.  I grew up with two boys being my best friends and they were both very much into video games and computers.

The mall was still insane.  I can't believe people are still going to the malls to get "Deals"... WHaTT DealS?  I went on Boxing Day too and nothing caught my eye.  Everything seemed the same price as it has been all year.  When I was little I remember it being like Black Friday.. Now it's  really pathetic.

I looked a lot of new shoes.. There were a pair at Feet First I really liked for 169$ and they were Hush Puppies.  They were so comfortable.  I think I am going back tomorrow to buy them.  I HAVE TO HAVE THEM.. You know when you don't buy something and you think about it all night and until you end up buying them.  Sometimes you wait too long and they don't carry them anymore and you regret it forever... Well I am not having that happen to me this time.

After I came home from work I ate some BBQ spare ribs... I have been a vegetarian for 9 months and last weekend I caved.  The first thing I at was Jimmy Dean Sausages.. I tried my damnedest to keep it that way but I noticed a lot of bad stuff about being a vegetarian as well.    I started to get black circles around my eyes and I gained more weight because I couldn't get full off of veggies.  I'm gonna try and not eat a lot of meat because I really feel bad about the animals dying horrible deaths.  I will work on buying meat that is cruelty free.

I have been surfing the net for most of the night... Once I get started playing those damn Facebook games I can't get off them.  My favorite would have to be Farmville for sure..

Add me if you want  to because I need more neighbors :)

I have to start work at 10:30 tomorrow morning so I get to sleep in a bit :)  I love sleep!


  1. The one thing I never understood about vegetarians is there reasons for not eating meat. Such as...
    - "I can't support animals being slaughtered for their meat"
    - "I'm against animal cruelty"
    - "Vegetables can sustain the human body without needing meat"
    How about these answers to your reasons
    > Animals are going to be slaughtered NO MATTER WHAT you eat. If today a thousand people decided to never eat meat again, do you think the amount of animals that get brutally slaughtered every day would change? It will never go down. McDonald's is not going to suddenly say, "Oh no we sold 1000 less Big Macs today, we better shut down some grills!" Your food choices make no difference to the world.
    > My answer for animal cruelty is similar to my first answer. Your choices for eating meat that is packaged by "cruelty free" sources does NOTHING for the animals that are being slaughtered daily. The only thing it does is tell the poor murdered animals that you would rather eat their spoiled cousins. Do the meat a favour and don't discriminate!
    > Vegetables can't provide the correct proteins and nutrients that the body needs. Sure they can suffice but as far as straight substitution goes you can not satisfy your bodies desire for meat. Meat is like anything else, you need it in moderation.

    Eat Meat!


  2. Yeah Ian, and umm....don't recycle either because one person can't make a difference. And while you're at it, don't vote! Yours won't count!

  3. Well the voting thing I can understand. However I can't say that my choice in the vote would really make a difference as I find that I don't like any of the choices. That is a different discussion entirely.

    However recycling doesn't really apply. The main idea of recycling is a positive impact. If I chose to never recycle, then all of the stuff that I tossed that could have been recycled would not be recycled, it would just be in the landfill instead. All of the meat that someone chooses not to eat will just rot, or sit on the shelves instead. They do not change the amount of meat produced based on the small amount of vegetarians in the world (less than .5% of the population).

    I'm not trying to insult anyone... but if your going to be a vegetarian because you just don't like meat, that's fine... but if you want to fight animal cruelty or slaughtering.. choosing to not eat meat will not help.