How to get your EX back!

Typically I would suggest that you don't try and rekindle your relationship with your ex boyfriend/girlfriend.  They are an EX for a reason.  However there are certain exceptions to the rule.
1.  If you feel like your have lost your heart and the only way to feel whole again is to rekindle your lost love then go right ahead and try.

2.  If you both moved away and you somehow lost touch..

3.  After years of missing each other and realizing your mistakes, you try and contact each other.

In my opinion these are the only reasons to start up the failed relationship again. 

Here is the How To Guide to Get Your EX Back:

  • Work on yourself after the breakup.  Join a gym or work on your fitness like Fergie says.

  • Get a makeover.  Nothing makes you feel more confident than a total new look.

  • Find a new hobby that is just for yourself.  Nothing is hotter than a person that has their sh*t together.

  • Be relentless in trying to get them back.  Don't be a stalker or anything but send them flowers frequently.  Try not to go all cheesy with teddy bears and all that cause it looks desperate even though you are. Even if you are desperate doesn't mean you want to look like you are.

  • Ask to meet for coffee.  As soon as they see you looking all hot and such they are going to want you back.

  • Send them a heart felt email.  Tell them how much you miss them in your life and it's not the same without them.

  • Try lavishing them with gifts if you have enough cash for that.  Sure you can't buy love with money but you can sure try. :)

  • Write them a song and record yourself singing it.  It could go really bad if you can't sing but let your friends listen to it first for their opinion so you don't look like a fool if it sounds terrible.

  • Send their parents a gift.  If they still live at home then most likely their parents have a little to do with telling them to forget about you.  Try to win them over and you will be set.

  • Be yourself but a better version.  Your relationship went down hill because you were probably comfortable and started to not try as hard.  Get your life back on track and your ex will definitely take notice.

  • Make your ex question them self.  Be so good to them that they question why you guys ever broke up in the first place.  I know it's bad to say this.. but if you have to put on a show to get them back then do it. 

  • Do some research on how to get your ex back.  Go to Chapters or some book store and go to the love/relationship section.  Read all you can about winning the love of your life back.

  • Heart Break

If all fails and you are still trying but nothing is working then I am sorry to break it to you, but give it up.  Desperation is not attractive and if they see that in you they are not going to be interested.

You don't want them anyways if you have tried everything and they still don't want to get back together. 

Use your energy to get someone new and you will be much happier.

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