Facebook - Do I have to add them?

This is my explanation on how to politely decline adding someone on Facebook that you just don't like and you don't know how to tell them.

It is your account on Facebook after all and you should be able to add who you want to and delete who you want to.

However it is extremely difficult to ignore certain people.

I was so against Facebook when it started because I thought.. "If I haven't talked to this person for this long that why in the hell would I want to add them now?"  But the fact is there is no getting around it.  After a while I liked the fact of reconnecting with long lost high school folks.

If someone adds you then you pretty much have to add them back otherwise you look like a jerk.  If you don't care about looking like one then go ahead and press the ignore button or completely block them if you want to make damn sure they can't wiggle their way back into your life.

What about people that you once liked but don't anymore? How do you get rid of them?  My suggestion to you is block them.  Unless you want to spy on them through Facebook and see what is new with their lives like a creepo :)

Steven M. at my work is having this problem with someone on Facebook that he doesn't really even know.  She wants to add him but he doesn't want anything to do with her.  My suggestion to him was to just add her but he only has to see her for a couple more months..

In cases such as these, I would procrastinate and not add them.  Don't publish anything on your account so they can't see you have been active for a while.  Try not to play Farm Ville etc. that would give yourself away once you have found a cow in your pasture.. hahaha

Perhaps they will just think that you don't log on very often and in turn did not see their friend request.

It is after all possible that people don't check the right side of the Facebook screen where it has all the pokes and notifications.

When you get right down to this.. IT IS YOUR ACCOUNT.. Screw what everyone else thinks.  Do what you want to do and add who you want to add.

Change your privacy settings so certain "friends" cannot see anything that you doing including your pictures.

I always just add them unless I don't know them at all.  Then it becomes a whole privacy issue.  You always need more friends right?

Hope I helped ya Steven M!


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    Folks? I didn't realize that this was George Bush's blog.

    In the same way that facebook has that "remove from my events" feature I think that they should also have a "remove from friend request". That way the friend request is never authorized, but you don't have to see the bloody thing on your home page.