How To Attract The Opposite Sex

Tips On How To Get The Opposite Sex Noticing You


Ever wonder why no one ever asks you out?

It might seem like you will never get a date but I am absolutely positive that if you just change a few things about yourself you won't be alone for very much longer.

Here are a few tips that might help you snag a boyfriend/girlfriend.

1. Always look and act your very best.

2. Keep your nails and hair manicured.  It is so unattractive when some one's nails are dirty or their hair is shaggy.  Always keep in mind that if you think no one notices that sort of thing you are wrong.

3. Always wear clean or new shoes.  If I see a really cute guy and his shoes are nasty it is automatically a turn off.  It shoes me that he doesn't really care about his appearance and trust me.. If they already look bad and you start to go out with them it only gets worse.

4. If your a girl and you wear open toed shoes in the summer please dear god paint your toe nails.  No one likes to look at dirty unkept feet.  So gross.  Keep new nail polish on them or just put a clear coat.  Same goes for the guys.. Make sure your toe nails aren't long and you don't have any foot fungus...

5. Make sure to frequently moisturize.  It is very noticeable when you don't take care of your skin.  Exfoliate too.  It makes you look so much older if you don't apply lotion regularly.  Also wear sunblock too!

6. Always smell your best.  Wear fresh deodorant, cologne and perfume.  Don't put on too much perfume either because that could repel your match too. Make sure you brush your teeth all the time.  Nothing is worse than bad breath, so floss every day and carry mints or gum with you.

7. Walk with confidence even if you don't have any.  If you don't have any.. you should get some.  You are a unique person and you deserve for everyone to know that.  There is a huge difference in confidence and and being conceited, so check yourself when you start to get a swollen head.

8. Don't brag about yourself or name drop if you know someone that's important.  That is a total turn off.  Make sure that you reveal that sort of thing once you have gone out with someone a couple of times.  There is nothing worse than someone who thinks they are way cooler than they are.

9. Be the best person that you can be.   Always be patient, kind and honest.

10. Try doing something new.  If you get stuck into a rut and do everything the same everyday than of course you will never meet anyone new.  Join a new sport team or volunteer at the nearest hospital (doctors.. hello!) or animal shelter.  Everyone loves someone that helps others.

11. Try new hang outs.  If you want to meet someone wealthy go to where to doctors go for lunch or go to a park and sit in the rich side of town.  Depending on who you want for a mate is where you will have to start hanging out.

12. Ask your friends what is wrong with you and why you can't get a date.  Tell them to be completely honest with you.. Desperate times call for desperate measures.  It could be you have a really bad fashion sense or you drink way too much and make a fool out of yourself.  Whatever it is don't take offense cause they are trying to help you.  It is called constructive criticism.  Use it and keep it in mind when you completely overhaul yourself.  When you get a complete makeover.. Mind and body.. keep in mind that you still want to be yourself but you just want to be a better you.

13. Keep yourself shaved or plucked.  If you have mustache hair and your a girl then please keep that under control.  Use wax or depilatory cream and always keep your legs and armpits shaved as it also helps you have more confidence.  If your a guy and you look like Santa Clause no one is going to want to date you if they can't even see your face.  Keep minimal to no facial hair and after you snag a girl feel free to show her your true colors after she falls head over heals for you.

14. Don't use too much product in your hair!  It looks so greasy and people will start to wonder if you ever take a shower.  Use minimal gel or mouse.  You don't want to look like a porcupine.  That is not attractive.

15. Take care of your belongings..

Example: Keep your car washed and detailed - You don't have to have a brand new car to get a mate.

Keep your shoes clean and polished, sunglasses wiped etc.  Girls are especially picky when it comes to these things.

Keep your clothes neat and pressed and never leave the house with wrinkles in your clothes.  Always look polished.

You may think that some of these tips are outrageous but the fact is you want a mate right?  Pay attention to detail because others notice everything.  You have about 2 seconds to really catch a potential dates eye, so be on your best behavior.  When you get home feel free to be a complete slob but when you out in public be the best you possible.

You'll have a date in no time!!!  Let me know how it goes.


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