LotusLand Vineyard... You should go!

Wanna Taste The Best Wine Ever?

lotusland wine

Are you a wine drinker and you want something natural and completely organic? 

LotusLand in Abbotsford is the right vineyard for you then.

I went there last week.  I won a tour with 12 of my friends to go and tour their place and see how all LOTUSLAND wine is made.

It was actually a lot of fun.  It turns out that only 4 of my friends came because everyone else was either sick or busy, but it actually made it more intimate.

It was a great night and I do recommend their wine completely.  Their wine tastes fresher and you can tell they put their whole heart and soul into their wine business.

The two people that own Lotus Land are David and Liz Avery and they were really amazing people.  Turns out it was also David's birthday which I felt bad about because we were there almost two hours.

Liz stayed back in the house and made us yummy appetizers while we got the tour with her husband David.  You could tell that they really loved what they did.

It is so much work.  They package their own bottles, put the stickers on them and only 5 people are working on the vineyards during the year and they are obviously working their butts off because everything was very clean and organized.

David let us have a taste straight from the barrel.  He used a wine thief and that was pretty cool.  It was kind of like a turkey baster. winethiefshadowimage

We even got to meet their cat and dog.  SO cute!

I bought some wine at the end of the tour and it is called "Girls R Meaner" and it is the best white wine I have seriously ever tasted.  My friend can even drink it and she's allergic to everything :(  We are going to both drink it this Friday and we will take some pictures and post them.

Overall the experience was great.  If you want an intimate setting and some good fun and great tasting wine then visit Lotus Land Vineyards in Abbotsford British Columbia.

I didn't know much about wine making before and now I do so thank you so much Liz and David for the wonderful night.


If you go .. tell them Leslie Star sent you.. :)



Lotus Land

This is the pic from our night.  We had so much fun!!!

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