What Happened 2 Me Moments B4 Britney Spears Concert

What Leslie Star Did Moments Before Britney Came On Stage!

I was at the Britney Spears concert yesterday that was in Vancouver... What The F*ck?

What a waste of money.. However I love my shirt that I bought.. Although I am sad that I spent $35.00 on it after everything that happened, but I have always been a Britney Fan.

I'm not gonna lie.. I am excited that I was there to witness such a disastrous performance and I was some how involved with her daily drama but other than that the concert sucked.

I was looking sooooo forward to Britney and seeing all her costumes but she didn't even wear anything outstanding which was kind of upsetting.

There is a huge rumor going around Vancouver that apparently Britney tore her panty hose in between sets and they had to calm her down because she is such a diva for 30 minutes and it really had nothing to do with it being smokey in there..  I didn't even smell smoke at all when I was in there except for the stupid chick in front of us that decided it was the perfect time to light up.  Damn her..

Oh Britney.. What a mess!

She did look fabulous though.

I just wanted to share with you all on what I was doing moments after the Pussy Cats were over and Britney started.  I was so excited..

Little did I know what I would be in for. :)

Vancouver is not happy with you Britney..

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