Fire At Renfrew Skytrain Station In Vancouver

East Vancouver Fire A Blazin'

Breaking News!!!

There is a huge fire at Renfew skytrain station right now!

There is helicopters over head.

It hasn't even been on the news yet.

I was on the skytrain heading East when I smelled fire and then saw the blaze underneath us.  When I got off the train I ran and tried to get as much video as possible.

No reports of any one being hurt.  The East Vancouver fire was on the corner of Kaslo and Grandview Highway and is right at Renfrew Skytrain Station.

It is just across the street from Vancouver Technical Secondary School and The Italian Cultural Center.

Watch below to get exclusive video footage by Leslie Star!

Update:  Video 1 is still not finished uploading from  Tune in a little later to watch part 1.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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