Britney's Circus Tour in Vancouver Review

Britney Spears Circus Tour In Vancouver Review

I just now got home from the Britney Spears concert tour in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Let me tell you... Drama, Drama, Drama...

The Pussycat Dolls opened for Britney and they were ok.  Nothing special..

I don't know why the rest of the dolls even had a microphone because only Nicole sang.

They all looked good with my binoculars but they didn't really get the crowd pumped or anything.

On to the Britney part.. She only sang three songs and then the stage went black and Brit Brit made someone make an announcement over the PA saying that it was too smokey and that it was unsafe for Britney and they would not continue the concert if people didn't quit smoking.

This one woman in front of me kept smoking and I told her if she didn't put it out that I would personally kick her ass.. She got upset and said that she wanted to fight and I told her that she would have to take on the whole auditorium and then she put it out... My cousin spotted the lit cigarette and my boyfriend and everyone else backed me up.  GO Team GO!!

Then Britney proceeded to make the whole GM PLACE wait for 30 minutes until the smoke cleared.  When she came back everyone was so mad and didn't seem as pumped up anymore because we all had to wait so long.


I found the concert kind of boring.

I didn't go to see other performers dance... I went there to see Britney and actually hear her sing.. WHICH SHE NEVER DID!!! LIP SYNCHER!!!

She only pretty much sang her new songs and I wasn't that blown away by her performance.  I think that Lady Gaga is a way better performer and I would pay to go see her again.  Perez was right when he made her the new "Princess of Pop" cause Britney is losing it for sure.  I never thought I could be mad at Brit Brit but her Vancouver concert tonight kind of blew.

I also saw Britney's new boyfriend, Chase Benz her 21-year-old back up dancer.  He looked pretty hot through my binoculars.  They didn't seem to flirt or anything during the concert.  That would have been awesome if she would have told everyone that they were going out.

Overall.... BRITNEY wasn't the best in her concert and it was kind of a let down.  She looked really pretty though.

At the end of her concert she screamed 0ut "Drive Safe, Don't smoke weed, Rock out with your cocks out, mother truckers"

She even put on that they had to stop the concert because of the stage guys above were having ventilation issues.

Whatever.. She smokes.. WTF?  Like she has never smoked weed either.. GIMME A BREAK!

Here's the video.. Hope you enjoy!!!


  1. Why would anyone waste money on a Britney Spears concert. She can't sing or dance. They could've gotten high at home for free.

  2. Britney Spears and Lady Gaga are both hot messes. No real talent, just gimmicks. Please start to support artists with real talent and great music.

  3. Thanks for your comments!!! :) Who are some artists that you like Tiffany?