How To Plan A Fun Outdoor Party!

R U Wanting to Know How To Plan A Great Party?

Summer is very soon and you should throw an amazing outdoor party that everyone will be taking about for years to come. 

You and your friends deserve a great time!

To plan a great outdoor summer party you need to have just a few things:

1.  Make sure you always plan for rain.  Example.. Have blankets or sweaters for your guests if it gets a little chilly and have either funky patterned tarps or patio umbrellas.  Even if it's really sunny you can have the umbrellas up for fair skinned people that might get burned easily like myself.

2.Always have ice buckets for when the sun gets to the pop you can just put some ice cubes in the vodka and 7up and your ready to go.  If you have a small kids pool then fill that up with ice so you can put everyone's drink in that.

3.  You don't have to buy the most expensive things to have a great party.  Use what you already have or go to the dollar store.  They always have amazing decor for themed parties or even for plastic cutlery to save a bit more money.  It depends really on how fancy your getting.

Summer Party Table Setting

4.  Have sunblock, sunglasses, bug spray and lots of water within reach.  You don't want your house guests to go home with lots of mosquito bites and dehydrated.

5. Have a great time yourself and try not to run around too much.  If the host is running around like a chicken with their head cut off then everyone will be very tense all night.  If you are going to have this party plan in advance so you can relax too.

6.In regards to food at your party cook a lot of appetizers.  Everyone loves finger food and usually they are already made or it will be as simple as a fruit or veggie tray.  Get foods that don't have mayo or anything that might go bad in the sunshine.  You don't want anyone to go home with food poisoning.  A good place to shop for appy's is Costco.  You can buy huge box to feed everyone and it doesn't cost very much.  Also clean out your fridge so that people have enough room to put their stuff in there.  You can also set up coolers outside or use barrels and put a liner in them and they are perfect for ice and every one's drinks.  You can also tell your guests to bring their own coolers if they have 'em. 

7. Make up a garnish tray with olives, cherries, toothpicks, celery, lemons, limes, oranges,  Tabasco sauce, cherry tomatoes and stir-sticks so it's easy for everyone to get at and they don't make a mess in your kitchen.

Garnish Tray

8.  If your backyard or deck is big enough, set up a kids pool and either fill it with ice and put every one's drinks in there or fill it up with some water so everyone can put their cute pedicured feet in it when they have had a few drinks and need to cool off.

9.   Look up some great summer drink recipes and cut then out and put them on colored paper that matches your theme and put them on the kitchen counter.  That makes it fun to make the drinks as well.

10.  Make it simple!  Don't go to crazy otherwise it will look like you tried way too hard.  You want to make it elegant than keep it elegant and simple. "Use the KISS method.. -Keep it simple stupid!

11. If you want to make it romantic and beautiful at night time use some candles.   Make sure you don't burn the place down.  They make these new candles that run on battery and you can buy those at the dollar store and they are completely safe.  You can get them in many different colors too.  Also those white Christmas lights look good and brighten up the outside.  Use pretty lanterns from IKEA or home decor stores.

Candles that have batteries

12.  Most importantly don't go over budget.  Stick with your price range because everything will be cute when you see it in the store.  No one will remember the little details so get the cheaper versions.

13.Make the seating arrangements cozy but not too cozy and on top of each other because it is easier to talk to someone in a more open area.  Seating at a picnic table is great or under a cabana.  Make sure that they are lots of throws and pillows so it makes your guests feel more at home.  Most importantly make sure there are enough chairs for everyone!!!!!

14. Music.. Oh the music... I think it is the most important part of a party .. even before the alcohol.  If the music isn't right it will throw the whole party off.  Try and pick popular songs that everyone will know.  Don't pick slow songs cause it makes people sleepy, unless you want them to go home early.  Pick a range of songs so that everyone will be able to hum to a song or two.

15. Send out an email to everyone telling them that they have to either take a cab home if they have had a bit too many or make sure that they have a designated driver.  It is important that everyone leaves your party safe and sound.

16. Have a lot of garbage cans around or separate bags around the area for recycling of the cans and bottles.  If you have the bins set up before the party then there shouldn't be much clean up at the end.  Hopefully some guests will stay a bit after the party to help you but don't expect it and be prepared to clean up on your own.  That is why plastic table cloths come in handy because you can just throw everything away.

17. If you have a BBQ.. use it.. Tell people that you have one so they can bring their own meat to cook in case they didn't have dinner or they are picky about their food.  Also if you have a fire pit put some graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows and wieners around it for a perfect end to a perhaps chilly evening.


18. If your guests do like to drink then why not get some flavored Vodka and inject it into a watermelon and let it sit over night in the refrigerator.  It will be something to cool everyone down and get them tipsy as well :)

Vodka Watermelon 

19.   Also maybe set up croquet or bocce ball so that people can get involved and get to know each other a bit better.  It's always a downer when you go to a party and you don't know anyone and you don't put yourself out there to meet people and you just sit in the corner and look around.   Get your guests involved so they aren't bored.  Don't have too many games or people might get annoyed.  Try and have a happy medium.

20. Lastly.... HAVE FUN AND DON'T  STRESS OUT!!!!!  You have worked hard to make this party great and spent your hard earned money.  Enjoy it and have a great time.. Don't forget to take lots of pictures and send them to me at

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