Want the Expensive Look for Cheap?

Where To Buy Cheap But Chic Fashion Accessories

I have always said that if you don't have a lot of money you can still look divine but you just have to find out where to shop.


Le Chateau always has jewelry on sale or WalMart has some pretty cute bangles and earrings for under $10.  Also check out The Bay, Zellers or Sears for some fun and funky accessories.


If you want to have a leather purse and you don't have the funds, hit up Value Village or some 2nd hand stores because they always have funky purses that are good quality.

If you don't want leather, ALDO Accessories usually has cute purses for about $30 or under.  Also check out Ebay because sometimes people buy purses and then they don't like them after awhile and sell them for cheap.


Army and Navy always has cheap shoes.   You don't want to go too cheap on your shoes because it will catch up to you and then your feet will always hurt.  So spent a little more for your cute little feet.

Hair Accesories

Hit up stores like Claire's, Walmart, London Drugs, Icing or even dollar stores.  No one is going to guess that you paid only a couple of bucks for what is in your hair.  If they ask where you got it.. Lie.. :)  Tell them you got it from some other country..

You can always make cute accessories too.  Go to your local dollar store and buy some hair bands.  They don't have to be pretty cause you can wrap some fabric around them and use your handy little glue gun and make it all your own.  Don't be afraid of sequins either.  They can make an outfit amazing.


Why not make your own with some extra fabric you've got laying around.  You can also go to teen stores and you don't have to be a size 0 to wear a scarf because they fit all sizes.  2nd hand stores are also great for scarves too because people often get sick of them and they are easy to give away.  Don't be afraid to go into a 2nd hand store.  Rich girls shop there too to get unique things that they just don't sell anymore.


Sunglasses are very hard for me to find.  However I usually end up finding them either at Le Chateau, ALDO or 2nd hand stores.  They usually keep their stock up to date and they are cheap enough that if they do break cause you sit on them it's ok.


I have always found it kind of difficult to find a cute belt for less because they usually rip or just look plain ol' ghetto so I have always spent a little more.  You don't want to look like you always shop at the dollar store so don't buy everything from there.

You can also use ties for a belt.  That looks cute too.  Or use that long scarf you just bought and weave it into your belt loops.

If you want good belts I do suggest that you do buy leather or a veggie leather because you want it to last you a while.  If you always buy cheap things then you will never have anything that is worth something so do try and buy some quality pieces along the way too.

If you have any more questions or tips email me at lesliestar@lesliestar.ca.

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