Is Carmen Electra Pregnant?

Is Carmen Electra Knocked Up?

Carmen Electra has had her fair share of men.  Her new man Rob Patterson is from the rock group Korn.  I think he's ugly but she seems to like guys that are mysterious and like to paint their nails black.

Carmen turned 37on April 20th and her finale birthday party was in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Casino for a pool party.

She didn't wear a bathing suit.  Which is kind of weird considering that she always wears next to nothing.  You would think that she of all people would wear a bikini or something to her own pool party.  She was after all a Playboy centerfold. 

Carmen Electra Playmate

Now the speculation is that Carmen Electra is pregnant with her fiance's baby.  Rob proposed to her last year at her birthday party there as well.

She still looked pretty in a blue sundress with brown strappy sandals.  Her blonde locks were very straight and looked like the sun had kissed them.  She wore bangles and killer aviator sunglasses. 

Carmen Electra and Rob Patterson

Carmen has been married twice before.  She married Dennis Rodman first which of course was a huge mistake.  Then she married Dave Navarro from Jane's Addiction.  That marriage broke up after 3 years. 

Every time a famous couple does a reality show that is what ends up happening. 

Do you think that Carmen Electra is pregnant just because she didn't wear a bathing suit to her own pool party?

Time for the bump watch people!


  1. oh yeah! i saw her dancing in vegas witth all those girls in bikinis by the pool....and she was wearing a long dress....first the hotness def doesnt like to wear clothes...and there was a belly bump...and she looked a lil thicker. she still looks damn good and i hope she is preggers!