Paula Abdul Never Been Drunk?

Who Is She Trying To Fool?

Paula Abdul has gone on record to say that "Never.  I've never been drunk in my life.  I don't like it.  It's not my thing... Will not take those drugs.  And you can check my medical records - there is nothing like that." 

Then what was with the interview that she gave a couple of years ago on "Q13 Fox", a Seattle based News show?

She was completely drunk or high off her ass.  See for yourself!

Just because she says that we all can check her medical records doesn't mean anything.  If you take drugs or get drunk it wouldn't be in your medical records dear.  

She just tried to set the record straight in a Nightline Interview.  They asked about her acting strange and that is what she says and she's sticking to it.

Do you think she was on something?

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