Diet Diary - Week 3

Just Hiking and Getting In Shape

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to check in with all of you and see how you all were doing on your diets.

I have lost about 7 pounds.  I am really proud of myself.

Have you guys lost any weight yet?  It's hard but keep on track.  You can do it.  No one can lose weight for you.  Most importantly drink lots of water and eat healthy foods.

Hope your doing good. It will also help if you write everything down that you eat.  If you have made it this far.. Email me at

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  1. Hi Leslie,
    Congrats, 7 pounds that's impressive!

    I have to admit that I'm using a different method called "EverLoss". It really works well for me (4 pounds and I started only two weeks ago). The site looks a bit commercial, but hey they deliver on their promise, see

    Success with further dieting!!!