Rihanna Gets A New Gun Tattoo

Are These New Guns Protecting Her From Chris Brown?

What is Rihanna thinking?

 I know that she loves tattoos but guns right after she is dealing with the whole world knowing that she got beat up by her boyfriend, Chris Brown?

I guess it is a statement to show that she is in control of herself and won't let anyone harm her ever again.

Rihanna is a beautiful woman and she deserves the best so whatever she feels is the best in her recovery process then so be it.  This must be a very hard time for her.  

She got the guns positioned so they were on her rib cage pointing at someone which tells me that she needs protection.

She always wears gun pendants around her neck so I guess she wanted a permanent gun to watch over her.

I personally think that Rihanna was beautiful before she got all these tattoos but whatever makes her happy.  A tattoo artist named "Bang Bang" from Los Angeles initially drew the guns just above her arm pits which they thought wouldn't be good for Rihanna's Cover Girl contract so they moved them to her rib cage.

Rihanna's new tattoo above arm pits of gun

I think if you are going to get a tattoo then it should be something you really love and something that you makes you grow and I think that these will do just that for Rihanna. 

Rihanna has 12 tattoos in total.. I think she should slow down pretty soon..  :)

Bless her little heart.Rihanna with New Gun Tattoos

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