Lady Gaga's Fame Ball Tour!

Lady Gaga's Concert Last Night In Vancouver

Wow.. Wow.. Wow.. She sure can perform live.

Lady Gaga was amazing last night at the Commadore Ballroom for her Fame Ball Tour

Her opening acts sucked though and there was so much waiting around for her to start and also during her songs. 

If it were my concert I would have wanted it to flow a bit better.

She sure has an amazing voice and quite a good dancer too.

She had some back up on the vocals but when she played the piano for her new song "Future Love" and a rendition of "Poker Face" she seriously kicked some ass.

She can play the piano so well.

Her costumes were really great and the way she got the audience all fired up was great too. 

I was so close to her I could have almost touched her.

The sound quality was a bit off for the 3 opening acts, WHITE TIE AFFAIR, CHESTER FRENCH and CINEMA BIZARRE.  Cinema Bizzare was definatly the worst.  I couldn't hear their vocals and the microphone kept on having loads of feedback.

The 2nd opening act, Chester French was alright..   White Tie Affair was my favorite although their vocals weren' t turned up loud enough either.

Other than that the show was excellent.  I went to bed at 2 and got up at 6 and it was well worth the lack of sleep.

The only thing that sucked about her concert is that I had seen everything that was going to happen on YouTube.  I guess that was my fault for wanting to find out everything about her before she came.

My advice to you if you are going to her concerts is don't get there too early because you will be waiting around a long while and wear some comfy shoes because I wore my stiletto boots and I could hardly walk after it was over because I was standing in the mosh pit the whole night.

Fabulous concert Lady Gaga!  Great job in Vancouver..

She is so beautiful in person and she wasn't really wearing that much makeup.  I was so close to her so I got lots of pics.  I will post them a bit later today.

Hope you guys had a great Wednesday!

Oh.. and Britney Spears is still "The Princess of Pop."  Gaga is more like the Art of Pop.  Britney doesn't really sing live but she has more of a concert and more stuff to look at.  

Lady Gaga said at the concert yesterday that she was broke because she spent all her money on her concert.  I thought that was awesome.  She seemed really cool and she also said " I smell something green in the audience" referring to Pot and said that it was her first time in Canada and she loved it.

Overall excellent performance from Lady Gaga in Vancouver for her Fame Ball Tour!

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