Will They Legalize Pot In California?

Legalize Mary-Jane???

Will Marijuana help rescue the economy in California?

tom ammianoTom Ammiano (Democratic State Assembly member) thinks that it could.. Including me...

They think that it will allow the state to start regulating the drug and then tax it like crazy..

Marijuana makes $14 billion dollars a year in California.  They think that with it making that much money that it could be of service to the state if they legalize it.

People are going to keep smoking it no matter what...  Just because it isnt talked about very much and most people don't approve of it people are still going to do it..

I betcha Snoop Dogg is happy about this :)

California has one of the highest unemployment rates and it doesn't look like its going to get any better.

California is even laying off Disneyland employees and Six Flags might even being going under..

So Please.. LEGALIZE POT cause I am going to Disneyland soon and it better be up and running by May.. Damn it.. :) 

Arnold Schwarzenegger better get his act together and get this idea in motion.

What do you think about it?

Legalize Marijuana in California

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