Lee Anthony Is NOT The Father

Casey Anthony's Brother Lee Is Not The Father

Casey Anthony, Lee Anthony and Caylee Anthony

When I first heard that the authorities were testing Lee Anthony, Casey Anthony's brother I was completely shocked.  After I thought about it a bit I realized that it would make sense.

Before the DNA test of Lee Anthony came back negative and now proves that he was not the father of Caylee Anthony.

I thought that it could perhaps make sense.

I thought that Casey and Lee both could have thought up a plan together to kill little Caylee because they committed a sin and they wanted to get rid of the evidence before everyone found out.

I also thought that perhaps that is why Lee has believed everything that Casey has said all along because they committed the murder together.

Not to say that they still could have committed the murder of Caylee together but now it just proves that he is not the father.

Really twisted eh?

I wonder who the father of little Caylee is?

Will we ever know?

Are they testing George too?

He is Casey's father and Caylee's grandfather.

Hey you never know!

What do you think about the DNA test?

The police are also testing Casey's belongings in her home and the garbage bags and everything else that was found at the murder scene that matched what was found in the Anthony's home.

I wish this case would come to a rest and Casey was found guilty cause she is.

Caylee should be able to RIP and not have the whole world still wondering who took this precious little girls life.

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  1. Wow, this is really unfortunate. I simply anticipate that the law is served.