Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer R Over!!

Ms. Aniston & Mr. Mayer Are So over!

Jennifer Aniston Thumbs Up

I am actually quite happy about this news.  John Mayer always looked like such a sleeze ball to me.

She always looks classy and vibrant and willing to take risks and always looks clean, while John on the other hand looks like he woke up and rushed out the door type of look

Turns out John Dumped Jennifer.  WTF???

Why didn't she get rid of that loser before he dumped her?  That is always my rule.. When you sense something is up.. BREAK UP WITH HIM FIRST!!!!! 

Didn't she learn that from what happened with Brad Pitt?

He's a big jerk though.. Damn Brad Pitt and Angelina.. Hate them.. Angelina always looks like she thinks she's better than everyone else.. And she needs to eat something.. LIKE NOW!

Poor Jen.. I feel sorry for her.  Not because of her split but it must be awful to have everything out in the open.

Especially when she looked so happy to bring John along to the Oscars. 

He on the other hand looked so awkward.

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer

Oh well.. Time to move on hun..

How about someone hotter this time?  How about George Clooney? Owen Wilson? (although he might have too many issues)

Who do you think would be a good match for Jennifer Aniston?

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