Why Kelly Osbourne Was In Rehab

Kelly Osbourne - Addicted to Pills

I have always loved how free and wild Kelly Osbourne is ever since she was in her families reality show on MTV called "The Osbournes," but I guess being wild is what has lead her to her pill addiction.


Kelly says she has been addicted to Vicodin since she was just 14 years old and now she is 24.  She has also revealed that she was taking up to 100 pills a day and she was also an alcoholic.

She has been to rehab twice before in 2004 and 2005 but for once she says that now she is actually clean.

She uses these downer pills to get through the days by sleeping all of it away.  She said.. "I knew if I didn't get help, I would die."

Kelly Osbourne is newly engaged to Luke Worrell, 19 and he is said to be a great positive role model in Kelly's life.

I am proud that Kelly has come forth with her pain killer addiction because many people have this addiction and tend to think they are alone.

Kelly must have had a rough year because she was arrested for slapping a journalist and had to spend some time in jail.  I personally think that the paparazzi should be slapped now and then.. so good job Kelly :)

Good luck with your happiness Kelly as I know the pressures of fame and a famous family must get to you sometimes.


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