Jessica Simpson Gained Weight?

Jessica Simpson Gets Fat?

It must be very difficult to be in the public eye and be under the microscope for everything that you do.  I think it is especially hard for women because of their weight, fashion, hair and everything that comes with that.

Jessica Simpson was at a concert for Radio 99.9 Kiss Country's annual Chili Cook off in Florida Sunday and apparently shocked her fans because she had gained so much weight. 

First of all Jessica Simpson is not fat.  She isn't even chubby.  I think that they are comparing to what she use to be when she was in "The Dukes of Hazzard" when she was like 110 pounds.  Of course she is going to look a little thicker now.

I think she is setting a good body image for every woman out there who always thinks they are too big.

Stars like Keira Knightley, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and the Olsen Twins and Nicole Ritchie are always too thin and when you put someone that is normal size beside them of course they are going to look bigger.



Skinny Paris Hilton

The Olsen Twins


Jessica says that she gets really nervous when she tours and she eats when she is nervous like most of us do.  She said she isn't into looking like a "rail" and it isn't good for your mind or your heart, which is true.

Maybe she is just comfortable with her relationship with Tony Romo because people tend to gain a bit when they are in a long lasting relationship. 

She says that her and Tony are not shopping for diamond rings like the media keeps reporting and that they are mostly renting dvd's and ordering take out and cooking for themselves and just enjoying life.

Do you honestly think she's fat? 

Perhaps the outfit just isn't doing her justice?

Jessica Simpson fat?

Jessica Simpson while Dukes of Hazzard was being filmed

Jessica Simpson Dukes of Hazzard Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazzard


  1. Aww... Poor Jessica.. I feel bad for her. My weight has gone up and down too and for the whole world to be watching her go through this must be rough for her. Thanks for your comment Rita!

  2. Jessica Simpson is smart... she's taking over where Kirstie Alley left off and is thus poised to make a ton of money advertising for the weight loss industry

  3. I think Jessica is smart too. Kirstie Alley wasn't good at keeping her weight off so Jessica is the perfect person to take her place because she is a lot more famous than Kirstie ever was.. :) Thanks for the comment coffee!

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