Kanye West Changes His Name

Kanye West Gets 2 Good 4 His Own Name

Ever since Prince changed his name to a symbol and Puff Daddy to P.Diddy people think they can change their name and everyone would be ok with it..

Well I'm not and I don't really care for Kanye.

 Kanye West has changed his name to MARTIN LOUIS THE KING JR.

Has he hit his head or something?

First he got a mullet that looks so awful and he is suppose to be all into fashion.  Mullets are the complete opposite of what looks good. 

He looks like he rolls out of some ghetto trailer park.

He said he was "forced" to change his name to adopt a new identity for his new footwear he designed for Louis Vuitton, which aren't even good. 


He thinks that his shoe designs were so good that once those shes hit the runway everyone will be so blow away that he was "forced" to change his name.  He then said "Address me as such."

Kanye has named himself "Louis Vuitton Don" in the past... Haven't you pimped yourself out too much already Kanye.


What a joke!


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