Joaquin Phoenix - A Rapper?

Joaquin Phoenix - On Drugs?

Joaquin Phoenix is a really great actor.  He is so believable and really gets into every role.  That being said.. He's a whack job!

He has decided to become a rapper and P.Diddy is helping him achieve that. 


First of all, besides Eminem white men cannot rap. 

He was such a great actor and ever since he wrote "BYE GOOD" on his knuckles because he was retiring from becoming an actor, he has been acting rather strange.

He is River Phoenix's brother but River died of an overdose of Heroine and cocaine.. aka a speedball. 

I hope that Joaquin won't have a similar fate.

River Phoenix


I think that Joaquin has been going through a mid-life crisis or something because he seems to always have  drink in his hand or a cigarette and his behavior and his looks are completely different to what they use to be.

Last week Joaquin was scheduled to perform at LAVO nightclub in Las Vegas.  Casey Affleck and a camera crew have been following him and his transition into rap music for a while now because they are filming a documentary.  Casey was supposedly late for sound check and Joaquin threw a complete fit and stormed out.

He yelled at the crew "Thanks for being late and f-cking everything up."  Then he threw a CD on the floor and stormed out of the nightclub.

Once he calmed down about 5 minutes later he went on stage and "performed" his set. 

I watched his performance and I honestly can't tell if this is for real or it is all one big joke. 

Once he was finished rapping he went to walk off the stage but instead fell into the audience.

He looks like he is on some serious drugs if you ask me.. but judge for yourself..

This is Joaquin's performance at LAVO nightclub in Las Vegas.

This is him falling off the stage at the end..

This is what Joaquin Phoenix use to look like..

Joaquin Phoenix

This is what he looks like Now..

Ugly Joaquin Phoenix

What the hell happened to him?  It's not like he can get away with it like Brad Pitt can with a beard. 

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