Christina Milian's Back

"Us Against The World"

Do you remember Christina Milian?  I sure do.  She's the hot girl that rolled around in the oil in her bikini in the "Dip It Low" video.  I will put that video after her new one "Us Against The World."

I think she is a really sexy lady with the best skin, best body and hair.  I think she looks a bit like Ciara and Ashanti mixed together.  However she is the prettiest of both in my opinion..

She has been gone for quite awhile but I sense a comeback.  The new video is really calming and pretty, however there isn't much going on in it. 

She is in skimpy outfits and every so often there is a guy that walks towards her in the sand.

She's even dressed like a crow in one part.  I mean fashion is great but I think that in this case it doesn't have anything to do with the song.

I like the song and the video it just seems a little bland for a come back if you ask me.. which no one did.. :(

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