The Meeks Murder Suicide

The Meeks Family Found Dead

A horrible tragedy happened in Columbus Ohio yesterday.  Police responded to a family member calling 911 that was placed at 2pm on Wednesday Jan. 28th 2009.  When they arrived at the house they found the whole family dead.

It had appeared that Mark Meeks, 51 had shot his whole family and then shot himself.  His wife Jennifer Dallas Meeks, 40 was a stay at home mom and his two children Jimmy who was just 5 years old and his daughter Abbigal, 8 were home that day because there was so much snow. 

The gun was found at the scene and a suicide note that had been written by Mark that has not been released to the public was also found.

Mark worked as a Service Manager at Immke Northwest Honda in Ohio and all of the workers there are extremely sad and said that Mark didn't show any sign that anything was wrong.  He recently just got his job back after being laid 3 weeks prior because business was slow.

Mark's younger brother Mike is in shock and said that he saw him a couple of weeks prior to his death and everything seem ok.  Mike and the rest of the Meek family cannot believe that this tragedy struck their family.

I wonder what was so bad that Mark felt he had to kill himself and take his whole family with him.

So sad.. My prayers go out to the rest of the Meek Family.

The Meeks House On The Day Of The Murder

The Meeks Family House

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