Did I do something wrong?

Guys & Girls R From Different Planets

This message is for all of you that just can't understand your male mate. 

Does he become distant for no apparent reason and you think you did something wrong? 

Well you didn't. 

Does that ease your mind a little?

That happened to me many times and I always use to cry and get really upset because I didn't think I did anything wrong even though I thought I must have for him to do this to me.  Turns out they don't even think they are doing anything wrong!

Men like to go into their "caves" according to the book "Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus" and they tend to go into a zone where they just want to think about their problems and hide away.

This is not your fault!

The book also says that men are like "rubber bands" and when they have had enough affection that they need they tend to stretch as far away as possible and when they have left for as long as they can they bounce back more powerful then before and become way better than they were before.

Guys.. errrr

Don't ever think it is your fault when guys are being just plan stupid..

If you have anymore questions about guys or girls please do read  "Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus" because it really is a spectacular book and I wish that everyone would read it.  Or you could ask me by emailing me at lesliestar@lesliestar.ca because I have read the book.

Leslie Star

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