Lindsay Lohan's New Nose Candy

Lindsay Lohan IS A MESS

Lindsay Lohan is now the new face of Fornarina

It's a Italian fashion line.  I went on their website and they didn't have any pictures of Lindsay up there.  Hmmm..

But I think she should be the new face of "This is your brain on drugs" campaign.  What is with her?

One day she seems like she has her sh*t together and she has gained a bit of weight and the next day she is a total mess again and is as skinny as the rail she had for breakfast.

I know that a lot of stars probably shove that sh*t up their nose but hardly any of them get caught because they make sure the white powder doesn't show.  (except for the occasional Amy Winehouse Pic)

Doesn't she know that cameras can get right up her nostrils?

I have always thought that Samantha Ronson was addicted to something too because she always has dark circles under her eyes and she is always so skinny and she doesn't really care about her appearance.   She seems more together than Lindsay though.

On Sunday night Samantha and Lindsay went to the Declare Yourself Inaugural event in D.C for Barack Obama and there she was all strung out and looking a little too happy.

And what is with her dirty face all the time.  Maybe she gets so stoned she forgets she is in the tanning bed.  Jeez!  Where is her mother..??

You know the saying.. The couple that does drugs together .. Stays together..

Lindsay Lohan's Nose

Lindsay Lohan in Washington

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