Olympics in Vancouver. Worth it?

I went to work with the whole city transformed into an OLYMPIC VILLAGE which seemed like it happened overnight.  I don't mind that everything is covered in Olympic stuff so much.. What bugs me is that they spend so much money on things that no one will even remember about coming to Vancouver.  For example putting up posters everywhere.. I MEAN EVERYWHERE.  It's not a secret that Vancouver is hosting the Olympics this years so why exactly do they have to advertise it so much.... ???

I know why.. cause no one is going to come.. It's not snowing and it certainly isn't cold enough to snow right now..

If you live in Vancouver.. What do you think about it?

It seems like a huge opportunity for the city to become better and more tourists buying more and more things.. but it seems like the games are going to be a big bust.  Unless everyone starts booking now.. kinda last minute but stranger things have happened.

It seems we won't make the money back that we spend to make this city "perfect" before the games begin.

Do you think it's a waste of money?

I think that we could have been spending those details that no one ever remembers on taking care of the mentally ill that are on the streets because they have no where to go.. I think we should be spending those dollars on better cleanliness of hospitals.  If you haven't been to the hospital recently than you wouldn't know that they are atrocious.  My mom was in the hospital recently and she had to unstack the chairs in the shower and the shower floor was so slimy and fithy that my Dad had to take bleach up and clean it himself.. This is a place that is suppose to be somewhere people can get better in and not sicker.. YUCK!

Do you even have Olympic tickets?  I don't.. I could watch it for free and closer on TV.  I think that most of the residents of Vancouver aren't going because most of us can't afford to go.

I think its an excellent opportunity for the athletes though and it's fun for them but it seems like with every event we put on it has to get bigger and better each time no matter what the expense is..

Overall.. What do you think about the Olympics?  Do you wish it had been somewhere else so we wouldn't have to deal with the headache of it all.. We wouldn't have to deal with that article that came out in paper that tells Vancouver how to be great hosts for our city.. BULLSH*T is what that is..

$16.6 million was spent on upgrading Cypress Mountain alone.. I bet those hungry people would like some of that money... cause I know I want my tax money back :(

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  1. For once we are in agreement. Some people are really enjoying the idea that the Olympics are coming... but to be totally honest, I could care less. Like you said, I can watch it on TV for free and I can pick and choose exactly what I see from my own couch. Even if I was rich and could afford to go I still wouldn't. I would take my money and by a ticket to Hawaii where road construction, Olympic posters and would-be athletes pollute the city.

    Lets take the funds spent upgrading roads, buildings and security and clean up the homeless.