Where to meet the love of your life


I have a lot of single friends... hell.. I've been single for long periods of time before.  At first when your freshly single you couldn't be more excited about it.  Your FREE!  You can do whatever you want, hang out with whoever and just be yourself.. However that new car smell fades quickly and you start to get lonely and want someone to share great times with..


  1. Do something that you wouldn't ordinarily do.. Go ice skating by yourself or take a pottery class.  Do something where it won't only be women (if your a woman unless your into that sort of thing) and only men (if your a man unless your into that sort of thing).  Put yourself out on a limb and see who comes  a knockin'.

  2. Go grocery shopping.. I don't know about you but when I was single I use to see cute guys everywhere.. The problem was I was too damn sh*t scared to approach them.  You have to though... What is the worst that could happen.. Either they will say they are married (always check to see if there is a ring on the left finger first) or they will look awkward and turn around and walk away.  Either reaction doesn't matter because you will probably never see them again.  Suck up your pride and focus on you.  You are the great person that somebody would genuinely want.  Don't be afraid :)

  3. Take a class.  Go to your community college and see what they have to offer.  Take something that you have always wanted to take.  Buy some new schools supplies and some new clothes and look your hottest; that way if the class is boring than the hot guy or hot girl in class might be staring at you instead of the teacher.

  4. Go to parties.  When your friends have parties dress up and go have a blast. A person that smiles is attractive so if you are having fun and giving out positive vibes than for sure you will catch some one's eye.

  5. If you smoke.. Stop.  Nothing is more disgusting than thinking about kissing the mouth of a smoker.  Plus you stink and you have to spend way more money on the cigarettes than your signifacant other.  Get healthy.. It's time to start looking for your perfect mate.

  6. Start going for walks in your neighborhood.  If you have a dog take them out for walks as well and don't forget a bag to pick up the crap.. :)  Perhaps you have a hot neighbor that has a dog as well and you could start meeting them at the park.  Even if you don't find a mate doing this you could befriend them and they could have hot friends!

  7. Travel if you have money to.  Don't put out a lot of cash thinking that if you travel somewhere you will pick up a hottie.. The problem with travelling is that if you travel far then you will have to have a long distance relationships and those hardly ever pan out.  Just travel because you want to.  Many people's lives change for the better when they go on trips.  You will probably meet a lot of fun and interesting people and expand your horizons a little bit.

  8. Go to clubs, pubs and bars.  I don't usually recommend this because if guys go out to clubs they are more interested in getting some ass then finding the love of their life.  However you might meet someone great.  Bring a friend and have some drinks and dance the night away.  Don't have too many or you will be regretting it in the morning when you wake up to Mr. or Mrs. Ugly.. (Beer Goggles)

  9. Write down what you are attracted to.  If you are attracted to someone with money than start going to coffee shops where doctors hang out.  If you are attracted to people that are physically active and outdoorsy than join a hiking team or a co-ed sports team.

  10. Is it hard to meet the opposite sex?  Yes of course it is but online dating sites can help get you started.  It is important to meet the people that you are matched up with in a public place.  Most importantly... don't stress out about meeting someone.  If you look for someone too much they won't come around.. It's when your not really looking that they will start calling you :)


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