Can you stay friends post Break Up?

I have been through lots of relationships and they all didn't work except for the one I am in now..

It's been almost 5 years.. I can honestly say that I believe we could be friends if we ever broke up.. I think it's because we have known each other since we were 13 years old and were friends first.  I know that we couldn't "hang out" or anything right away, but we could talk on the phone once and a while.

I guess it really depends on why you broke up.  If it's because of one cheating on the other than it will never work.

If you break up and even as soon as a month later meet up for coffee to try and start a friendship it ain't gonna work.  There will still be lovey feelings and then you are going to want to get back together and it isn't going to work.  You will end up sleeping together and wreck everything..


If you really truly want to be friends than try it slowly and don't jump into things.  More often than not, once you break up it's over..

You have to get over the fact that you probably will never see them again.

Overall... Relationships don't work for a reason.. It's because both of your personalities don't mesh well and you being friends isn't going to be any different than when you were in that rocky relationship.

So stop crying over the fact that you guys broke up and find someone new to cuddle up next to.

Love isn't suppose to make you upset..

Drawing done by Sean C.  :)

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  1. I'm pretty sure being friends after a relationship has died is impossible. I don't know anyone that has ever maintained a friendship after a break up. The old feeling get in the way or your new partner will. If you get a new boyfriend/girlfriend they aren't going to want you hanging out with your X. They might say they are ok with it, but they are full of it... they don't like it.

    Trying to be friends with an X is a bad idea anyway. The initiator is always going to look pathetic or desperate in the eyes of the other. The "Oh look, she's come crawling back" or "She wants to get close to me again so she can keep tabs on me" mindset. You don't want them to have that on you... you've broken up... keep it that way!