Susan Boyle Youtube Video

Why is it that Susan Boyle is still on top of the charts?

I realize that Boyle's Youtube video was viewed about 4 million times but is she really that good?

I think her story is amazing but can she really sing?

Susan is a 47 year old Scottish woman who took care of her mother for a long time,  has never been kissed and has been poor all her life.  Sure it's a great success story but usually these things die down in the media by now.  Why is it that she is still in the news practically every day?

Susan Boyle's Youtube video is still very popular and her new CD is still topping the charts.  Her album had the largest pre-order in the Amazon's history.

What is it that keeps her in the headlines?

Everyone craves a success story.  Many people's lives are filled with unhappiness and sorrow and to see someone with a similar fate turn it all around keeps fans watching.

I have watched Boyle's Youtube video so many times and each time it warms my heart to see Simon Cowell smile at her.  It makes me happy that the audience was booing and laughing at her but as soon as she started singing they were clapping and crying for her.

An unpolished gem is what Susan Boyle is.  She is known as "The Scot heard around the world" which is true thanks to Boyle Youtube video.

Have you watched her video?  If not click here and be prepared to be amazed :)

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  1. That was the first time I had heard of this woman. I stay away from TV as much as possible and I found this clip enjoyable. All those jerkoffs in the audiance thought she was just going to be another dud with her grey hair and ugly frock but she gave a great performance. Nice to see that a real unprofessional person has some talent.

    I hate watching these shows to see a dancer that has been dancing professional for 20 years. Who cares if she can dance! She spent her whole life training to be a dancer. But to see an underdog like this Boyle is refreshing. I hope they don't clean her up, it's fun to watch her all old and village like.