Who's That Star?

I love celebrities.  I can't get enough of the gossip and the who's who of Hollywood.  So I have decided to make an ongoing article about people you may not be familiar with but you should be..

Today's Who's That Star is ......


Nicole Polizzi aka "Snookie", stars on the hit MTV Reality Show "Jersey Shore" which is about greasy "Guidos/Guidettes" trying to find the love of their lives (or just some one night stands) on the Jersey Shores.

Snookie is a self proclaimed Guidette (meaning Italian-American stereotypes who are greasy and tanned and wear too much make up) looking for an exact male version of her.  There is also talks of her starring in "Snooking for love" where she will try and find her very own greasy tanned man.

Nicole is originally from Marlboro, New York which has a population of about 3,000 so I am sure her home town knows everything about her.  There is a bit of controversy surrounding Snookie because she got her face punched by a New York gym teacher that was at the same bar as her.  The best part of it was... it was all caught on film :)  Shortly after she hit the floor police came and arrested the jerk.

Now Snookie has appeared on WPIX, a weather channel in New York City where she was the weather girl for the morning.. well kind of..

She also appeared on the Jay Leno Show.

Here is some old footage of her before she became famous..

It's pretty funny that she is getting all this fame because her lights got punched out.

All the more power to you Snookie!

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