What NOT to do on a first date

Going on a first date with someone makes most people very nervous and they do things that they normally wouldn't do because they are terrified..

However there are certain things you don't do on a first date weather your nervous or not..

These are the Top Ten No No's On A First Date

  1. Do not talk about your ex's.  This is so important because you are trying to start a new relationship and you are over your ex (Hopefully).  It is time to start fresh and you can't do that by talking about your ex lover.. So not attractive

  2. Talking about sex.. Unless you both are slutty and you can sense it .. I wouldn't talk about sex your first date.  It will probably make your date very uncomfortable and it will turn them off completely or turn them on if they are horny.

  3. Don't get drunk!  There is nothing wrong with having a couple cocktails or a glass of wine with dinner but don't order shots or drink like a fish all night.. I am sure that you are nervous but you will look like a complete mess by the end of the date and you will probably embarrass yourself or sleep with them and I guarantee you won't get a second date..

  4. Don't grill the other person.  You probably have a million questions to ask them, but don't ask so many that it seems like they are in the interrogation room with the police.  Leave some mystery for the second date.

  5. Do not bring your friends along.  A date is shared between two people.. If you bring friends a long it is soooo high school and your date will drop you like a hot potato.

  6. If your a woman do not wear a short dress or skirt on your first date.  It will give the wrong impression and they will only want to sleep with you.  Wear some dark jeans with a nice blouse or a skirt that is just above the knees.

  7. Turn off your damn phone.  Before you go out make sure you cell phone, Blackberry and other electronic devices are turned off.  Your date wants to feel like they are the most important person of the evening.

  8. Don't go to a location where you know a lot of people.  You don't want your friends coming up to the table all night striking up a conversation.  Pick a quiet but fun place for the date and not your regular hang out.

  9. Take cash out before your date.  If your a guy.. then you will be paying for the dinner and everything else for the evening.  If you don't pay then you are in fact a loser and she should get up and leave the table if you don't.  Don't pull this.. "I forgot my wallet at home.. or should we split this" bullsh*t.  YOUR PAYING so take some money out before in case they only take cash.

  10. Don't talk the whole time.  I talk a fair amount when I'm nervous but try not to.. The night is about the other person so give them a chance to talk about themselves.  Don't be a name dropper either if you know a lot of people.. That is so unattractive and it looks like your trying too hard.  Be yourself because that is what will get you a new love interest. :)

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