Another Online Dating Story - The "Strangler"

The story I am about to tell you tops my worst online date ever.

I met this guy named Joe.  He was super cute, had his own truck and looked well put together.  We went to a Sushi restaurant and as we were talking I asked him what he did for a living.  He said that he is currently not working as he was on sick leave.

I kept trying to dig a little further to find out what his profession was.  He eventually told me that he was an RCMP officer and was currently involved in a court case as he got into an argument with his boss.

I stopped talking about it for a little while as I saw it was making him super uncomfortable.  He paid the bill at the sushi place and we then decided to go to the beach.  We took separate vehicles as I didn't trust him enough to get into a car with him.

We met at the nearby beach and sat down on one of the benches and talked for a couple of hours. We found that we had lots in common.  After our conversation we decided to go and get a coffee to wrap up our date.  We met at Tim Horton's and he again paid the bill.  He then asked me to go home with him to see his barn. Yes, barn.. he lived in a barn.

I thought that was really weird and of course I declined.

After the date I went home and did some Google searching on him.  I found out that he was fired from the RCMP for violently attacking his boss and his fellow co-workers.  He allegedly attacked them because they called him a "fag" and he went ballistic.  He is literally known as "The Strangler".

I couldn't believe when I Googled his name the first image of him was him in court.   I would have never guessed he would have been so violent.

Needless to say, I have not had the best luck with online dating.  Learn from my mistake and try and get to know who you are going on a date with before you go.

Joe - Online Date
 Joe - My online date

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